Our Services

We’re experts in the field of roofing. We’re not everything to everyone because that doesn’t provide the best value to the customer. Instead, we’ve built a team of experts in the areas of inspection, customer education, installation and financing. This marriage of values and expertise allows us to provide you with the best solution and greatest value for your dollar. This creates lasting value. To us, there’s simply no other way.

Tear-offs | Cedar tear-offs | Re-roofing | Low slope roofing | Metal roofing | Composite roofing
|EPDM and TPO | Roof ventilation | Shingle blow-offs | Fixing roof leaks


How We Serve Our Customers

Mr. Fussy is more than a name, it’s our approach to serving our customers. Our every action is designed to deliver outstanding service, a quality product, and lasting value. Too often meetings are missed, corners are cut, or materials skimped on, surely to the surprise and eventual expense to the customer. We don’t follow this practice – we’re attentive and we’re fussy!

We have wonderful customers, and we’re grateful for the hundreds of referrals they send us each year. Why do they do it? Because our customers know that we never stop caring and they know they’re just one phone call away from a company they trust. We’re passionate about serving our customers – one relationship at a time.

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